Halloween – 10/27/12

We were invited to play at a really cool Halloween party in the hills of Mendham.  The house was gorgeous, and every inch was decorated for Halloween.  There was a bubble machine that fired smoke-filled bubbles, so when they popped, a puff of smoke appeared.  This was very cool, except that it left a haze of smoke that reflected the camera flashes.  You can see this in the photos, and will understand why some of them were taken without the flash.  It made for some interesting pictures!  There’s so much else to tell, but I’ll save that for anyone who’d care to post a comment.

Many, many thanks to our hosts and to all the friendly people at the party.  The food was great, the party was great, the atmosphere was great, and we really had a blast!  Maybe we’ll get to do it again next year.

P.S.  Especially big thanks to our friend, John, who stepped in to play guitar and sings some tunes with us.  We surely missed Steve and Brett, but are very happy that, with John’s help, we were able to play this gig.  Thanks!

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