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Here’s your chance to  suggest songs and venues, talk about your experience at our shows, and even offer constructive criticism.  Be honest, but also be nice!

For booking information, you can leave a comment by clicking the “Comments” sub-link above, or simply send an email to:  Please include “Booking Request” (or similar) in the subject line.  One of the band members will respond within 48 hours.

Thank you very much for your interest in Rodeo Gypsies!  Please introduce yourself the next time you’re at a show.


16 Responses to “Contact & Comments”

  1. RG Band says:

    Can’t wait to get this show on the road! The band members gratefully thank their families, co-workers, friends, etc., for their patience and support during the creation of this project. We hope everyone enjoys it as much as we do!

  2. Brian Dugan says:

    Hey Rodeo Gypsies!
    I hear you are looking for a new drummer… I’m looking for a new band.
    I’m in Lebanon. Been playing all my life, good chops, good attitude and love to play. A quick view of my playing at:

    Hope to hear from you! -Brian (aka The Jackhammer :)

  3. bruce ogden says:

    Very good. But, where’s Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire? Saw you at Bedstock, Bedminster town fair. Dugan’s my secretary’s brother in law. I’d raved for your bluegrass Hendrix. But you played drug songs instead.

    • RG Band says:

      Hi, Bruce! There are a couple of reasons we didn’t play that particular song in Bedminster. Our playing time was reduced to less than half of what we would normally have, so we needed to cut a lot of great songs from the list to accommodate the time slot. In the case of Fire, we’re still working out some details, so we will put it back on the list as soon as we tighten it up again.

      When the band first came into being, the focus was on “psychedelic cowboy music” (New Riders, Grateful Dead, The Band, etc.) It’s all really great stuff that you don’t hear every day, and we really have a blast playing it. It wasn’t until a year or so later that we morphed into playing what we call Gypsy-grass: the twisted-up classic stuff like the Jimi Hendrix song you mentioned. We’re having a great time with that stuff, too, and we’re really happy that people are enjoying it enough to complain when they don’t hear their favorites. Thanks for that!

      I’m sure Fire will be back on the set list soon, and I will certainly pass along your message to the rest of the band. Thanks for being a fan!

  4. Brian Dugan says:

    Hi Bruce, thanks for all the nice comments. The Rodeo Gypsies have a great mix of tunes for sure, looks like I better get on that Hendrix tune! At least we didn’t do “The Pusher” by Steppenwolf!

  5. RG Band says:

    Hi, Bruce! We’re coordinating our fall dates and should be playing somewhere soon. Stay tuned!

  6. bruce ogden says:

    Great. Like to see you again soon. Any chance of updated youtube (or other) videos shot in HD, rather than in the extant, very low def? I’m told that my secretary (Dugan’ sister in law} is lobbying for you for our office Xmas party, and I concur. Could you add some good lawyer songs for us folks at Lindabury?

    • RG Band says:

      Unfortunately we’re at the mercy of the cameras we have on hand. If we book something in a location where there’s a good setup for a camera, perhaps we can hire someone to record for us.

      If you know someone who’d like to hire us, please have them call right away due to holiday scheduling.

      Thanks again!

  7. bruce ogden says:

    Can’t get youtube to play Bertha/Don’t Murder Me. Please reauthorize or reissue it.

  8. Mirah Riben says:

    Everyone should do themselves a big favor and catch you guys! How many synonyms exist for unique and original!? A FUN night that kept me SMILING throughout a very well polished experience.

    NOT your local cover band!

    Hope you get more gigs!!!

  9. bruce ogden says:

    Still can’t get over your combining Theme from Shaft and You Ain’t Going Nowhere in the same show, Inter alia.. (Patty and Brian, ask the lawyers.) Looking forward to seeing you at Rolf’s in January.

  10. bruce ogden says:

    Great show on Sat. at Rolf’s. To pick one, loved Act Naturally, though can Brian pull a Ringo on it and do vocal? My friends were enthused by you.

  11. Gina Edwards says:

    We are gearing up for Flemington’s Thursday Night Lights Summer Series and we want the Rodeo Gypsies!.
    If you are not familiar with it, It is a venue for local musicians, bands, artists and entertainers to showcase their talent. Entertainers will perform on the sidewalks in front of businesses in the downtown Flemington area.

    We do not pay, BUT you are absolutely allowed to sell cd’s, put a tip jar out as well as any promotional material you would like. We will also promote you on our Face Book page and website and any advertising we do. It is a great opportunity to promote your act as well as give back to the community.

    We are holding TNL 4 times over the summer: July 16, July 30, August, 13, & August 27.

    It takes place from 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm.

    Please let me know if you are interested and if any or all of the dates work for you.

    We ask you to perform for a minimum of 2 hours, but you are more than welcome to entertain the full 4 hours.

    As I mentioned in my phone message, if all works out, we have other paying gigs that you may be interested in.

    If you have any questions or you would like to speak to me, you can reach me in the office at (908) 617-3242 or on my cell at (908) 500-2735.


    • RG Band says:

      We are definitely interested! I emailed the info to the rest of the band so we could tell you which date(s) will work for us. Brian Dugan will give you a call as soon as possible. Thank you for thinking of us! Looking forward to playing for you again. Thanks — Patty.

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