Steve Kunzman – Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

Steve Kunzman – Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals

Steve Kunzman first held a guitar at the age of 7, when he began guitar lessons. (Prior to that time, he just strummed a tennis racquet).

During the early years, bands were formed, parents hid in upstairs rooms as Steve and his friends learned to hammer out songs from the radio. Steve’s musical focus shifted from electric guitar wizardry toward the inherent beauty of the acoustic guitar. It was a relatively easy transition from electric to acoustic, and to this day some of his long-time musical compatriots believe that he found his true musical voice in the acoustic guitar.

Academic pursuits brought him to Colgate University where he majored in Religion. In addition, he studied electronic music, using tape, Moog, early forms of computer generated music and classical guitar.

He subsequently went to Vermont Law School, earning a Masters degree in environmental law. While living in the Green Mountains on the White River, Steve picked up a flat-backed mandolin from the 1920′s enriching his interest in Country Blues and Bluegrass.

The Rodeo Gypsies are extremely pleased to have a guy like Steve in the band.  His unique style and mellow demeanor are a great complement to the rest of the band.  For more info about Steve, including links to his own music, please visit: