Greg Molyneux – Bass & Vocals

Greg Molyneux - Bass and Vocals


Greg is enjoying the company of long-time friends that are now Rodeo Gypsies band mates, along with a good vibe, a good buzz, and getting the opportunity to work on a new approach to playing old gems.

A few of Greg’s previous bands include the semi-cult-following Where’s My Daughter band (with current band mate, Steve); the biker-oriented mid-Jersey Bobby Bluesbreakers; the hard-rocking Midlife Crisis and Radio City bands; the country-fried Cathy Loch and the Ness Monsters (with current band mate, Brett); Human Wheels (a/k/a Pipe Dream, with current band mate, Patty), and now Rodeo Gypsies.  Greg is finally collaborating with the always-in-demand Liam McWilliams as a band mate, thereby closing the circle of having good friends in the same band’s lineup!

Greg says he plays bass because there are fewer moving parts, fewer strings, and the really low notes make it difficult to tell if the last thing he played was a mistake or just jazz.

He’s in charge of stage sound, equipment, gear, and making soup.

“Go ahead — buy me a bone-dry martini.”