Brett Levine – Keyboards, Ukulele, Melodica, Vocals

Brett Levine – Keyboards & Vocals (yes, we know that’s a guitar in the photo; he’s a versatile guy)


Before Chaz Bono, there was Brett Levine — a man trapped in the ladies locker room. For some, a dream come true; for Brett, a never-ending nightmare.  Aimlessly wandering for direction, with nowhere else to go, Brett was drawn to the one thing that embraced his unyielding angst:  what many considered evil and misguided, from what most ran far and fast.  Not the devil himself or German potato salad, but of course, the salvation of rock and roll.

When asked, “Why the Rodeo Gypsies?”, Brett responded, “If I didn’t know any better, I would swear that they are transgender as well.”