Meet The Band


Rodeo Gypsies started as an idea that hatched in mid-2010 as a trio comprised of pedal steel, bass and drums.  The first rehearsals were a blast, and it was clear that the Milt, Greg and Liam had a good thing going.  It wasn’t long before the lineup started to expand, with Brett joining in on keyboards, followed by Steve on guitar, and finally with Patty joining in to supply some extra vocal power and hand percussion.  Things just seemed to naturally click right from the start, and the musical party started to gain momentum.   The diverse experience and talent of this group combines into a great result — making beautiful music together!

Getting six musicians together to practice and learn songs can be challenging when there are families and careers to consider, so this project took some time to get rolling.  Our website and Facebook page will be updated with artwork, pictures and video, so check back now and then to see what’s new.

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